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FLY53 - Womens

FLY53 CLOTHING launched in 1994, with a limited edition range of Indie T-Shirts, and in thier own words, "to protect and serve the 24 hour Party People!" This gives a clue to FLY53'S Indie heritage, with a nod to the Nineties Britpop, Indie and Mad-chester eras. Today FLY53 has grown in to a full range of Indie and Retro inspired Jackets, Coats, T-Shirts, Shirts, Polos, Accessories and more, for both Men and Women. As with all Britpop and Indie influenced fashion, FLY53 also has a Sixties Mod overtone to thier design, with a great attention to detail, unique quirks and features and fantastic quality. FLY53 prides itself on going its own way - true to its Indie ideals, FLY53 is independant, strong and individual.

Atom Retro stocks a wide range of FLY53 WOMENS CLOTHING and Accesories, with Retro Indie styles and Mod inspiration. . FLY53 launched their Womens Clothing range in the early 2000's. Keeping with the same ethos of youth and fun as the Men's FLY53 range, the Womens FLY53 Clothing collection encompasses edgy, unusual pieces influeneced by Retro and Indie fashions from the past, and with a 'in the know' wink to Indie culture and music. Unique and brilliant FLY53 Dresses, FLY53 Skirts, FLY53 Tops and FLY53 Jackets stand out from the crowd and refuse to follow convention! Truely a Womens Fashion brand for the modern, unabashed Independant Woman!

FLY53 - Outfitters for the Resistance.

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