Heartbreaker Dresses

HEARTBREAKER Dresses and Clothing from the US of A features Retro, Sixties and Mod styled Dresses, Tops and Knitwear. HEARTBREAKER is an independant Womens Retro Clothing collection, beginning in 2005 by mother and daughter design and dressmaker team, Teresa and Amanda Becker. Based in California, USA, HEARTBREAKER Dresses are Vintage inspired Retro styles, inspired by Womens fashions from the Forties, Fifties, Sixties and Seventies.Their beautifully crafted Dresses, Tops and Skirts are all made in the USA from unique fabrics and Retro designs. Several HEARTBREAKER designs have become staples for Retro, Mod and Vintage fans everywhere.

HEARTBREAKER'S 'Fifi' Dress is a nod to the Sixties Mod Swinging London Scene with a simple A-Line shape and wide Mod style collar. Available in a range of different prints and designs (and with more arriving each season) this is one of HEARTBREAKER'S most loved styles. HEARTBREAKER'S 'Dolly Dress' is an early Sixties Mod influenced design, usually appearing in bold colours with a Sixties style op-art contrasting Peter Pan style collar and A line Skirt. HEARTBREAKER'S 'Astro' and 'Diner' Dresses take a step back to Fifties and an Americana feel. The 'Diner' Dress lives up to its namesake, conjouring up a new world sassy Fifties image with a snazzy circle skirt and Retro contrasting collar. HEARTBREAKER also make a very popular range of Retro 'Wiggle' Dresses, encompassed in The HEARTBREAKER 'Mod Dress' and HEARTBREAKER 'Super Spy Dress'. Fifties and Sixties influnenced tight fitting stretch Dresses, these classic designs are great for when you need to create an impression fast! No one will forget you when you wear a HEARTBREAKER Wiggle Dress!

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