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Hudson Shoes


Hudson Shoes was founded in 1990 by two men with one ambition: to bring footwear into the world with a focus on contemporary design and a sense of everyday affordability. It’s this founding principle -- groundbreaking stuff back then -- which has kept Hudson on a steady track for more than 20 years.  Hudson Shoes push the boundaries of good design at accessible prices. That’s their ethos. It’s an ethos that keeps Hudson one step ahead. It means taking a sideways look at the timeless and the traditional; it means fusing the best of British shoe design with a sense of the innovative, the eclectic, and the relevant; it means steering clear of pigeonholes.

There’s a youthful energy about Hudson Shoes which means it always offers an original take on tradition. The range is full of invention and forward-thinking design. It’s a range full of invention -- with innovative shapes and unexpected materials. And, even when things at first appear simple and clean-cut, Hudson Mens Shoes have an imagination which means they’re never quite as they seem.


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