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IKON ORIGINAL Mens Footwear is a collection embedded in Sixties Mod Culture, Retro Fashion and Indie style. IKON ORIGINAL like it's name suggests create original footwear updated from classic designs, always with a Retro flair that encapsulates Sixties and Seventies styling. With a collection that includes Mod Desert Boots in a variety of colours and fabrics, Sixties Mod Chelsea Boots, Mod Tassel Loafers, Northern Soul Bowling Shoes, and Retro Mod Two Tone Jam Shoes, IKON ORIGINAL are an instant classic.

The perfect addition to any Mod Clothing ensemble, IKON Original are adept at selecting styles that compliment both formal and casual attire. IKON ORIGINAL present classic Indie styles for the discerning footwear consumer, and always have a finger on the pulse of the current Indie Music scene. Retro Mod styling to the fore, IKON ORIGINAL are a brand to watch. You can buy IKON ORIGINAL Retro Mod Footwear at Atom Retro.

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