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Negative Slant: Pre Order the new EP and claim a FREE Download of the title track! 

The new EP from Nic Armstrong and The Theives will be released for download on the 11th of November 2015. As a special offer, you can also download the title track, Negative Slant now - for free! To listen to the track and download, go to the Nic Armstrong & The Theives Bandcamp site here. (No purchase necessary to claim the free download). 

Negative Slant EP, a follow up to The Pocketless Shirt EP from 2013, features five new tracks from Nic Armstrong & The Thieves. Pre-order it today and you'll get the first track for free now and the full album the moment it's released. 

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Negative Slant by Nic Armstrong & The Thieves


About Nic Armstrong & The Theives

Nic Armstrong

"I just buzzed off him. I used to listen to him all the time...
It made me think, f*ck, I wanna to do tunes a bit like that!" 

- Miles Kane on Nic Armstrong


Nic Armstrong, originally from the UK and now based in the US, released his debut album, Greatest White Liar in 2004. Produced by Liam Watson and recorded at Toe-Rag Studios in London, the album featured tracks all written and performed by Nic Armstrong plus a cover of The Rolling Stones' Down Home Girl. Nic performed all instruments on the record - from guitars through to "half a sitar" - with drums played by Jonny Aitken. After the album was released to critical acclaim, Nic put together a band, The Theives and Greatest White Liar was re-released in 2005, under Nic Armstrong & The Thieves to illustrate that Nic's live show would feature the full band. 

Tours supporting Oasis, Paul Weller, The Pretenders and The Jeevas soon followed, leading Noel Gallagher to comment, "If they get thier hair cut, they'll be one of the biggest bands in Britain. They're pretty special, man!" The video for Broken Mouth Blues was directed by Duncan Jones, the director of Moon and Source Code.

The Pocketless Shirt EP, a new 6 track EP was released in November 2013 on download and limited edition vinyl. Negative Slant EP is a follow up to this, due for release on download in November 2015. 


Listen to Nic Armstrong & The Thieves 

Broken Mouth Blues from Greatest White Liar

Written and performed by Nic Armstrong / Nic Armstrong & The Thieves. 

Video directed by Duncan Jones. 

She Changes Like The Weather from Greatest White Liar

Written and performed by Nic Armstrong / Nic Armstrong & The Thieves.


Natural Flair from Greatest White Liar 

Written and performed by Nic Armstrong / Nic Armstrong & The Thieves.

Live acoustic version of Set Pieces from Pocketless Shirt EP

Written and performed by Nic Armstrong


Day is a Downer from the IV Thieves album, If We Can't Escape My Pretty

Written and performed by Nic Armstrong and The Theives / IV Theives



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