NineteenThirty Shirts

NineteenThirty Shirts


NINETEENTHIRTY is a luxury Menswear brand that produce exclusive and Limited Edition Mens Shirts. Inspired by icons and legends from film and music history with a modern and contemporary construction for todays discerning fashion and clothing consumer.

NINETEENTHIRTY use the finest Italian fabrics and classic cuts to create shirts inspired by the golden age cinema, the 1930's. Carefully chosen fabrics and trims to create Mens shirts with a genuine Sixties Mod feel. Love and attention to detail give you the finest Retro fabrics with genuine Vintage appeal used to create Mod Mens Shirts with all the comfort and exclusivity expected from the finest luxury brands. Exquisite and stunning Retro Clothing, NINETEENTHIRTY Shirts are something special and distinctive - NINETEENTHIRTY Shirts are timeless.

NINETEENTHIRTY Shirts are all individually numbered and feature the NINETEEN thumbprint detail. Limited Edition shirts - only 50 - 65 pieces are made of each style worldwide, so you are guaranteed one of a kind uniqueness. Each NINETEENTHIRTY Shirt has it's own name and story to add to the exclusive nature of the garments.

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