Original Penguin Womens Clothing

Original Penguin Womens

Original Penguin by Munsingwear

Original Penguin Womens Clothing comprises a clean and fresh look, taking in inspiration from a wide of array of styles, eras and genres. Mod Clothing influences are cleverly played throughout the Original Penguin dresses with Sixties shapes, patterns, fabrics and right down to the minutest detail such as stitching. A brand that is the definition and epitome of cool, influences spanning decades and still with enough flair and passion in each garment to make them new and fresh for todays discerning Indie consumer.

ORIGINAL PENGUIN Womenswear features an array of Retro Clothing masterpieces that are without doubt high on fashion, originality and style. Versions of the classic ORIGINAL PENGUIN 'Earl' Polo, specially adapted for that casual and slim fitting Womens fit are presented in an array of fantastic colours. There's also a delightful series of jackets within the range, ranging from Sixties Mod Peacoat and Military Indie styles, to the more outlandish Pop Art Sixties Mod look with vibrant colour palettes and contrast buttons.

ORIGINAL PENGUIN Womenswear also generates new takes on other Retro Clothing staples such as Mod Polo dresses, Sixties Skirts and Nineties Britpop Indie styled Tees. ORIGINAL PENGUIN also infer an extrovert streak to their designs with great colour contrasts, unusual linings and fabulous slim line and sleek silhouettes. Retro chic with serious Indie attitude. ORIGINAL PENGUIN Womens Clothing is as it's names suggests - Highly Original! Follow your own path with Original Penguin.

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