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Pantherella has been making fine English socks in thier family owned factory in England since 1937. Pantherella socks are some of the finest luxury socks in the world. Each season Pantherella make new sock styles in argyle, tartan, stripes and polka dots and in luxury yarns such as Sea Island Cotton, Cashmere and Merino wool to keep your toes cosy!

Pantherella's story sees them starting out as a womens hosiery maker, moving to exclusively mens socks and then re-launching womens socks and hosiery again in 2005. Pantherella was originally named 'Midlands Hosiery Mills', an established women's hosiery factory, but changed thier name in 1945 to the more dynamic 'Pantherella Fine English Socks'. The man behind Pantherella was Louis Goldschmidt. He had a vision that fine gauge english socks were the future. Tired of producing bulky bland, uncomfortable socks for men he believed that lightweight, seamless, fancy socks would be in high demand. After careful persuasion Goldschmidt convinced local machine makers P.A. Bentley to produce a specialist sock machine. By the time the competitors cottoned on to Goldschmidt’s innovative design plans he had already set the industry standard, leaving the competition in the shadows.

By 1952 the demand for Pantherella's luxury men's socks was so great, that Patherella ceased making women's hosiery in order to focus solely on men's socks.

Todays Patherella collection comprises of business modern socks - smart socks for the younger generation, as well as a special Pantherella Vintage collection which draw inspiration from classic sock styles, all in Patherella's luxury Sea Island Cotton, Cotton Lisle (Egyptian cotton) or Merino wool. This collection draws on 1940s, 50s and 60s designs such as mod inspired gingham checks, dogtooth patterns, tartans and Retro geometic pattens.

Today, Patherella is still recognised as one of the finest sock makers in the world. Once you have tried a pair of Pantherella socks, you'll never go back!

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