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Peckham Rye have a rich and illustrious history in tailoring that dates back some 200 years. A family business at heart, the sixth generation of master tailors readily uphold the traditions that have served them so well. Origins that can be traced back to a Victorian London tailoring family from whom the art of design, styling, craft and the classic London cut are still maintained to this day.

Peckham Rye takes it's name from the cockney rhyming slang for 'tie' and just as it's name would suggest, Peckham Rye are steeped in London history and nostalgia. The Peckham Rye legacy is enriched by a diverse expertise in many aspects of the clothing trade. Besides gentleman's tailoring, Peckham Rye's family tree also includes artisans in the fields of millenery and tie making as well as pleaters, drapers merchants and skirt hands who successfully plied their trade in many different countries (often courtesy of the East India Company and the British Army).

The current generation of the Peckam Rye family honed their tie making skills in London's prestigious Saville Row. Over 200 years experience goes into each and every one of Pecham Rye's garments. Peckham Rye use only the finest materials, handcrafted and made in Britain, Pecham Rye ties and scarves are available to buy online at AtomRetro.

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