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This page is dedicated to features, editorials and articles that feature Atom Retro products. That's right - your favourite Retro Clothing, Mod Clothing and indie Clothing is often featured in the press and this page will catalogue all such articles. Atom Retro archive features will be periodically added to give you a comprehensive and complete listing of all Atom Retro 'In the Press' articles. The Atom Retro Clothing 'In the Press' feature aims to give a brief intro and background into the nature of the editorial and/or articles and will also refer to any other press advertising and endorsements that pertain to Atom Retro and it's products. So, there you have it... here shall ensue an array of eclectic, entertaining and naturally stylish features that Atom Retro Clothing is proud to be a part of.

COUNTRY LIVING, JULY 2011 EDITION: First up, it's the latest edition of Country Living magazine. The July 2011 edition 'Any one for Cricket?' feature includes a couple of Retro Clothing gems from world famous knitwear brand John Smedley. The article interprets the fashion and style that the traditional village sport provides, with sumptuous and striking knits, bold colours and luxurious fabrics all coming together to create light and cool outfits with a distinctive Retro look. Available from Atom Retro Womenswear, the Alya stripe cardigan and Calypso block colour JOHN SMEDLEY knitted cardigan perfectly fit the essential country heritage Retro inspired style. Famous for their Mod Clothing classics such as soft cotton and merino fine polo's, JOHN SMEDLEY are not to be pinned down. Easily flirting with authentic and traditional heritage themes with that effortless contemporary Indie vibe, JOHN SMEDLEY are a suitably inspired fit for that stylish country living look. Retro Clothing classics with that essential summer feel, the Alya and Calypso Womens cardigans by JOHN SMEDLEY are available to buy online at Atom Retro Clothing.

Country Living Atom Retro Editorial John Smedley Feature


Atom Retro 'In The Press' - QUADROPHENIA Stage Show 2009.

That's right. Everyone's favourite Rock Opera Quadrophenia, the stage show from the Summer of 2009 featured a selection of cool Retro threads provided by yours truly. Atom Retro were approached by the costume department to assist in kitting out the actors with some iconic Mod Clothing classics. The MADCAP ENGLAND 'Offbeat' Boating Blazer and the stylish 'Nice' Button Through Polo Shirt formed a key part of the Mods dress code in the stage production of the iconic show. Retro Clothing with the essential Sixties Mod theme was priority and the MADCAP ENGLAND range perfectly fit the bill. Catching the show at the Liverpool Empire Theatre as well as the Brighton Theatre Royal (well it is Quadrophenia after all), the Atom Retro team were not to be disappointed. We were very glad to help out an iconic and well executed stage show version of one of the all time Mod classics. The kicking sound track by the Mod Legends the Who was interpreted in a highly original manner and the cast excelled in the roles. As well as receiving editorial in the official show programme, The Brighton 'Argus' newspaper also featured an article that included a fantastic image of the MADCAP ENGLAND burgundy 'Offbeat' Boating Blazer - An Atom Retro favourite. The programme for the epic show also featured some great Womens Clothing. There was the Mod Clothing classic 'The Cavern Set' Sixties Mod checkerboard dress , The Margate Dogtooth Dress by Marmalade and the EC Star Eliza Sixties Mod Dogtooth Swing Coat - you guessed it - all courtesy of Atom Retro. Stand out Retro Clothing that jumped right off the pages.

Atom Retro Madcap England Boating Blazer from the Quadrophenia Stage Show   Quadrophenia Stage Show Programme Cover   Quadrophenia Stage Show Madcap England Nice Polo



This was the issue of Shindig Magazine that featured yours truly ATOM RETRO. With a cool profile of some of our Retro Clothing classics and a peak into the operational side of the Atom Retro website. Featuring some Mod Clothing essentials from the MADCAP ENGLAND range including the iconic 'Action' Mod racing Jumper, the 'Rock Flare' - iconic Seventies bellbottoms and one of AtomRetro's best selling flares. Other products featured within the article/editorial include the Vintage/Archive Mod Jumper 'The Universal', the Retro best seller 'Lennon' Mod Jacket - so popular it has since cropped up in a veriatble myriad of colourways and the old skool Indie 'GDT' Grandad Collar Top, another of the Mod Clothing essentials available online at Atom Retro. With discussion centering on the history of Atom Retro and it's beginnings, building up to the present day state of play. With a readership and fandom sharing in our appreciation of all things Sixties and all things Mod, Shindig Magazine is the perfect match for Atom Retro and the perfect showcase for the Mod and Retro Clothing available to buy online. With content that covers Psych, Freakbeat, the San Francisco music scene and much, much more, Shindig is a fantastic read and Atom Retro takes pride in teaming up with the guys for the article. You can also buy Shindig Magazine at Atom Retro.



As well as featuring in paper magazines, Atom Retro also receives mentions and references in both online blog magazines and band videos or promotional material. One of the bands to feature Atom Retro products in their video is Norwegian band 'Svenssen'. Mod Clothing from the Madcap England collection available to buy online at Atom Retro features heavily in the catchy Sixties style Indie tune 'Patsy'. Watch the video for yourselves and see if you can spot any of the Retro Clothing gems that pop up throughout the song! Keep your eyes peeled for the following Retro & Mod garments - Cavern 59 Black Drainpipe Jeans, Madcap England 'Byron' Tab collar shirts in both black and white and Madcap England 'The Kick' Quadrant Shirt. With 'Patsy' Svenssen manage to delve deep into Sixties Mod and pop to find a sound that fits perfectly into today's contemporary Indie scene. Bringing music and fashion together in the most fabulous of ways, Svenssen are an Atom Retro favourite! Check out Svenssen with their superb song and video by clicking on the image below. If you wish to buy any of the Indie, Mod and Retro Clothing available in the video, then check out the Madcap England Mens Clothing section of the AtomRetro website by clicking Here! PS - We're not just being biased here, 'Patsy' is a brilliant tune and the video is great too. Well worth a watch! Hats of to Svenssen


Another artist that has featured Atom Retro Clothing in their promotional video is Tim Knoll and his band at the Pinkpop festival, 2011. The Netherlands based festival saw Tim Knoll and his band play to a massive crowd and the song featured here is 'When I am King'. There are distinctive hints of Sixties Mod inspiration interspersed with a delightful contemporary Indie feel and keep your eyes peeled for the drummer because he is wearing one of last years Atom Retro best sellers - the Mod Clothing essential, the one and only 'Penny Dot Lane' in red. A real Retro Clothing spectacular, the 'Penny Dot' has been a hit with Atom Retro customers right from the introduction of the first incarnation of the black and grey colour way. Madcap England Mens Clothing is a brand that blends Sixties Mod fashion with Retro Seventies flair whilst adding a modern Indie kick for good measure. The Tim Knoll sound has comparisons with Grievous Angel composer, former Flying Burrito Brother and one time Byrds associate 'Gram Parsons' -  the song 'When I am King' perfect for what looked like great weather at the Pinkpop Festival. If you would like to check out the Pinkpop Festival performance by Tim Knoll and his band then click the image below and enjoy!!!


The Madd wear MADCAP ENGLAND from AtomRetro!

Another awesome band to feature Atom Retro Clothing in their publicity shots and stage attire is the Netherlands based band 'The Madd'. Cleverly using the fab 'Action' Mod Racing Jumper by MADCAP ENGLAND Mens Clothing as a Retro-tastic uniform, the Madd create a vision of Vintage Sixties nostalgia, a Mod Clothing inspired portrait with a zany Psychedelic edge. The Madd are the perfect match for Atom Retro with their fluent and solid Sixties big beat sound, foot stomping Mod anthems with a superlative Indie appeal that is very reminiscent of the Nineties Britpop era. Retro Clothing adds a flavour to the Madd's distinctive style and we are delighted that the band wear Atom Retro Clothing and footwear. Check the picture below to see the Madd in a publicity shot featuring the Atom Retro best seller the 'Action' Mod Racing Jumper.


The Madd Wearing Madcap England Action Racing Jumper from Atom Retro


The DRAYTONES wear Atom Retro Clothing - Continuing the band theme, we'll move onto an Atom retro favourite, 'The Draytones'. The Draytones is an Anglo-Argentine four piece psychedelic/garage rock group formed in London in 2006. The band signed to 1965 records in 2006 and the following year released the limited edition 7" single, 'Keep Loving Me' (an absolute gem of a song). All this was followed swiftly by the bands 6 track EP entitled 'Forever On' - The title straight out of Blackpool Mecca, Wigan Casino and the Twisted wheel era of Northern Soul. With a sophisticated and bluesworthy sound accompanied by a Sixties garage beat, the 'Draytones' are gaining a big reputation as one of the top live Mod bands on the scene. The bands debut album 'Up in my Head' received critical acclaim on its release in 2008, and also attracted the attention of the Modfather, Paul Weller, who asked the band to support him that summer. The Draytones take the Sixties Garage theme form their music and transpose it straight into their fashion outlook. Having sported an array of Sixties Mod Clothing classics from the MADCAP ENGLAND range as well as sporting the 'Drainpipes' that were inspired by their name, The Draytones are by Atom Retro's admission, Retro Clothing fashionistas with the music to match their style. Some of the items that the 'Draytones' have worn from the Atom retro Clothing collection are the Madcap England Nice Button Through Polo Shirt - A Mod Clothing staple that runs and runs at Atom Retro, and the 'Draytone' Mens Drainpipe Jeans. take a look at the picture below to see the Draytones in all theri splendour, sporting the stylish Madcap England Nice Polo


The Draytones wearing Madcap England Nice Polo from Atom Retro

Image courtesy of The Draytones. © The Draytones

ATOM RETRO in the FESTIVAL GUIDE - Eagle eyed Atom Retro Clothing fans may have noticed the MADCAP ENGLAND Mod Clothing staple 'The Marriott' Short Sleeve receive a great piece of editorial in the fashion section of the Festival Guide. Offering key pieces of Retro Clothing and Indie Clothing for keen festival goers, the 'Marriott short sleeve' was the perfect match. Already an online favourite at Atom Retro, the 'Marriott' short sleeve is a Mod Clothing staple and it's vibrant colours and versatile nature makes it the ideal picture piece for print features. A real focal point and a garment that can be worn both smart and casual. Leave it unbuttoned for that cool and iconic Indie look, or fully fasten it for that suave and distinguished classical Mod look. The Festival Guide is the one stop mag for Indie gig and festival goers - gearing people up for a summer full of bashes and rave ups with advice on fashion, gadgets, gig line ups and more. To view the 'Marriott' Short Sleeve as featured in the Festival Guide the check it out online at Atom Retro by clicking the link below!