Diabolo RIDLEYS Retro Spinning Spool Juggling Toy

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... introducing the amazing 'Diabolo' form RIDLEYS. This Retro Juggling Toy will allow you to perform your own Circus routine... but you must practice first. The 'Diabolo' features stick and string juggling rope and rubber spinner. Pure Vintage fun to be had by all ages, well ages 6 and up anyway!

RIDLEYS 'Diabolo' Retro Vintage Spinning Toy. The Diabolos' is a cool Retro toy that comes complete with rubber spinning spool and twin stick and string juggling device. Practice tricks and stunts... there's some on the back of the box to keep your interest. True Vintage charm and the ultimate Retro hobby. Great to play outside on those warm, sunny days or indoors... but watch the breakables!

Sometimes referred to as the 'Diablo', or the devil on two sticks, the actual name was derived in the early Twentieth Century by French Engineer Gustave Phillipart. Coined from the Greek word Diabolos, this traditional Retro Toy evolved from the Chinese Yo-Yo. Long before the name 'Dabolos' stuck the Vintage wooden spinner was a well practiced past time for kids and adults alike. Learn trick and impress the world with 'Diabolos' The traditional, Retro Spinning spool, Juggling Toy.

RIDLEYS 'DIABOLO' RETRO SPINNING SPOOL JUGGLING TOY. 'CIRCUS DIABOLO' RETRO SPINNER VINTAGE JUGGLING TOY by RIDLEYS - Traditional Retro spinner juggling toy. Comes with rubber spinning spool, string and twin stick juggling equipment and a few tricks to practice on the back of the box. There's loads more tricks to research too... or you design your own amazing stunts!

SKU: RID066 'Diabolo' RIDLEYS Juggling Toy. RIDLEYS 'Circus Diabolo' Retro Vintage Spinning Spool Juggling Toy.

One size.

Product ID: 8709

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