Tuktuk Clothing

Tuktuk Clothing


Tuktuk Clothing is a unique, vibrant and contemporary brand with Retro and Vintage influences.

Tuktuk was first founded in 2009 by Mark Scholes. Mark used to live in Manchester, England but relocated to Sri Lanka to start his clothing brand and get inspiration from tropical surroundings. He felt like being around surroundings that were vibrant, colourful and unique would help his inspiration when designing fabrics. Mark then set about sourcing local fabrics and productions and soon after TukTuk was born; British design, inspired by the tropics.

Tuktuk takes inspiration from daily surroundings whether it be a rainy city in England or a tropical setting in a far away land. They take inspiration from fantastic colours, experiences and personalities of their travels to create their unique clothing. They work with a mixture of vibrant colour palettes to create the most striking clothing they can. All of Tuktuk's creative fabrics are bought in low quanitites to keep their styles fresh and individual.

Tuktuk may have up to date and contemporary designs but their clothing also has a very Retro vibe. All their clothing includes some Retro inspiration or Vintage styling. Their colourful and unique shirts feature 1960s style psychedelic prints which adds a Vintage style vibe to any oufit. Paisley prints were extremely popular in the 1960's and are a timeless print that has been made into several different designs. Tuktuk's vibrant shirts feature 60s inspired paisley prints in several different Retro colour ways. Finishing off Tuktuk's shirts usually includes a classic button down collar which is brimming with Mod styling and Retro inspiration.

Afield Clothing

Tuktuk clothing has evolved! Please check out Afield, the new menswear brand from the guys who brought you Tuktuk clothing.

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