The Warmest Winter Coats Online!

One thing we are asked quite often is 'How warm is this Coat? Can I wear this Jacket in Winter or is more of a Summer Jacket?' To help, we have put together our 'Cosy Coat' Scale - to give you a better idea of the warmth of our Coats and Jackets. All coats are marked out of five, with one being the lightest, summer or warm weather jackets and five being the heaviest, winter and cold weather coats and jackets.



4 - 4.5 3 - 3.5 2 - 2.5 1 -1.5
Warmest Warm Fair Light Very Light

Heavy and thick styles of coats, designed for wear in cold, wintery weather. These are the warmest jackets and coats, ideal for those freezing days and nights!

Typical styles will include Parkas, heavy Overcoats and Duffle coats.

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Heavier jackets and coats which will be suitable for colder weather, but not the coldest weather. No short length jackets. Raincoats and macs are included in this catagory unless quite heavy or light.

Typical styles include Trench coats, Raincoats, Lighter Duffle coats and lighter or only partially lined Parkas.

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Transitional jackets and coats which could be worn in Spring or Autumn. Everyday jackets and coats. Neither very light or very heavy. Good for mild weather.

Typical styles include Harrington Jackets, Bomber Jackets, heavier Anoraks or windbreakers.

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Lightweight Jacket designed for warmer weather wear. Usually lined, but still quite light.

Typical styles include light anoraks and windbreakers, zipper jackets and blazers.

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Very lightweight jackets or coats, designed for Summer or warmer weather wear. Unlined. Shirt-Jackets, overshirts and hoodie or track top style jackets are also in this catagory.

Typical styles include overshirts, jersey hoodies and trackie tops.

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