Lookbook: Ben Sherman's Ivy League Style

Posted: 26/02/2019 @ 12:43PM

Ben Sherman Ivy League Style

For Spring and Summer 2019, Ben Sherman are drawing on their American heritage to bring you the Ben Sherman Ivy League collection; a range of men's summer polos, shirts, cycling tops, trousers and shorts which celebrate the 1950s foundations of Mod clothing. Here's the look book which accompanies the new collection - shot against a backdrop of Ivy League looking preppy university buildings. 

What is Ivy League style? 

Ivy League style, also sometimes referred to as Preppy style, is one of the foundations of mod clothing and mod style. Taking it's name from it's origins on the college campuses of American Ivy League universities, the style emerged as smart-casual attire worn by British and American upper classes in the 1920s for sporting pursuits. It rose to prominence in the 1950s as many young men adopted the look for its upper class connotations and status. Ivy League style comprised smart collared polos, two button blazers, sports jackets, tailored trousers or shorts, knitted tank tops and cardigans and smart button down shirts such as Oxford shirts or Gingham shirts. The footwear of choice was either a Penny Loafer or pair of Wingtip Brogues. The look also utilised classic patterns such as Prince of Wales checks, Gingham checks, Argyles and Breton Stripes. Mods in Britain took the look and combined the latest Italian fashions with the Ivy League stylings of American film stars such as Steve McQueen, Paul Newman and James Dean, and Ben Sherman catered for this look. 

What is Ben Sherman's Ivy League heritage? 

Ben Sherman, also known as Arthur Benjamin Sugarman, was born in Brighton, UK in 1925. In 1946 he emigrated to the United States, where he met and married the daughter of a Californian clothes producer. He saw first-hand the popularity of things like Oxford Shirts, Gingham Shirts and more, looks and fashions which didn't exist in the UK at the time. Returning to England and Brighton in the early sixties, Sugarman founded his own shirt factory at  21 Bedford Square in 1963, importing American Oxford-cloth fabrics and capitalising on the early 1960s London-based modern jazz fans who wanted to emulate the look and fashions worn by thier Modernist heroes.

The Look: 

For this season, Ben Sherman are going back to thier American Ivy League roots for a collection of smart-casual men's summer wear including knitted polos, cardigans, tank tops, cycling tops, tailored suits, blazers and trousers and of course, the classic Ben Sherman Oxford Shirt. Here's a look at the range: 

Ben Sherman Ivy League Knitted Polo

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