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The Duffle Coat is a Retro Women's Coat, which looks good on everyone! Gloverall is the original British duffle coat brand, world famous for their premium quality Duffle Coats and women's jackets. This sturdy and hard-wearing coat is perfect for Autumn, Winter and colder weather, still made in the England by Gloverall from the finest fabrics including boiled wool, heritage tweeds and coated cotton for summer styles.

Associated originally with a retro military look, the Duffle coat also took on a Protest for Peace image in the 60s and 70s, as students, bohemiums, beatniks and more adopted the Duffle Coat as part of thier look. 

Atom Retro is an official stockist of Gloverall Women's Duffle Coats, Jackets and outerwear, stocking all the traditional retro women's Duffle Coats, plus seasonal and women's fashion Duffle Coats from Gloverall. 

We also stock Mens Gloverall Duffle Coats here. 

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