Monkey Jackets

The origins of the name Monkey Jacket are somewhat vague and apocryphal; does the name come from the military style jackets which adorned organ grinders monkey’s or from from the short waisted naval jackets worn by the “rigging monkeys” on old sailing vessels? No one seems to be sure. What we do know is that the monkey jacket has been a firm Mod fashion favourite since the 1960s.

Emerging via the Varsity Jackets popularised by American teen movies in the late 50s and early 60s, with this smart Ivy League style was soon co-opted by British Mods originally through rummaging around military surplus stores for similar styles. Naturally 60s stylists were soon drawn to the emerging trend and the Mod monkey jacket was born.

Still featuring elasticated cuffs and a high elasticated waist, the modern monkey jacket comes in a variety of colours and often incorporates vintage style tipping to those knitted trims. A perfect lightweight jacket with a timeless silhouette and serious Mod panache, the monkey jacket is a versatile year round item.

At Atom Retro were pleased to present a range of contemporary takes of this vintage style from amongst others Lambretta Clothing and Trojan Records Clothing.

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